Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Dayan's Baby Blessing

This past sunday was Dayan's baby blessing. We were blessed to have lots of support from family. We truly appreciate everyone coming out! It sure was fun seeing everyone and seeing them interact with Dayan. Dayan is sure blessed to have so many wonderful and amazing people in his life! We were sad that Dayan's Grandpa Kunz couldn't make it, but we know he was there in spirit.
Here are some pictures of the event. Sorry they are not in order. Enjoy! :)

Dayan "Handsome Boy"

Blowin bubbles

Spitting image of daddy

Kids havin fun (Gabby, Cass, Jake, Tally, and Maddi)

Grandma Kunz

Cuddeling with Aunt Nae Nae

Lookin pretty spiffy in his blessing outfit
Three Generations

Grandma & Grandpa Wilstead :)

Three Generations
Great Grandma Kunz with Dayan
Grandpa and Grandma Wilstead

Admiring Aunt Keitra

Uncle Isaac - It looks like you both are doing similar faces


Grandma & Granpa Knight

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Dayan's 3D Ultrasound

Yesterday we went to get a 3D Ultrasound of Dayan. We were so excited to be able to see a decent picture of his face since we hadn't had a very good one with our other ultrasounds. But as it goes, he was being a little stinker. He was moving right up until I laid down for the ultrasound, then nothin. He stayed in the same position with his hands and foot in front of his face for the 20 or so minutes we were in there. But we got some decent ones of his hands and feet, so I guess that will have to do. We will have to wait 3 more months to finally see who he looks like.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Wonderful News / First Anniversary

I am posting this a wee bit late, but oh well. So me and Stetson were way excited planning our first anniversary. We couldn't believe it came so quickly.
About a month prior to our anniversary we found out some exciting news....we were pregnant! So I called the doctor and set up an appointment. We had our first doctor's appointment on Monday the 16th, right before we left for our anniversary. It was a great early anniversary present.
I didn't really know how far along I was so we were anxious to find out.
Turns out I was 9 weeks pregnant and our relative due date would be November 20th! Boy were we happy. We also got to have our first ultrasound! Talk about surreal. I have seen it done in movies, but it was crazy in person. To think there is something growing inside of you, it is truly a miracle. Stetson and I were stoked to say the least. The best part for me was to see Stetson's reaction especially when we got to see the heartbeat. :) It didn't look like much besides a little bean, but it was awesome just the same. I was kind of weirded out by our doctor when he was bouncing the thing on my stomach to try and get the little "bean" to move, talk about uncomfortable. But he said everything was looking great, so we were happy.
Now we are getting even more excited for our next appointment in two weeks to see how the baby is growing and to actually hear the heartbeat.

Anywho, now on to our anniversary. We both got friday off and left fairly early that morning to go up to Salt Lake where we made reservations at the Anniversary Inn.
Since we got up there so early and we couldn't check in til 5:00, we decided to stop and eat and visit the mall. After that we stopped in at his Dad's and visited for a short while and then went to visit Cabela's since we had lots of time to kill.
We finally checked into our room, changed clothes and went directly to Red Lobster. I had been craving their biscuits and clam chowder, along with their delicious strawberry cheesecake. :) MMM That meal was wonderful, I sure stuffed myself full.
Saturday we had a breakfast and then went to a morning session at the Salt Lake Temple. It was such a beautiful day and fairly busy with all the weddings and such, but it was nice. That was probably the biggest session I have ever been in, but I love the peace that I feel when I am there.
That night we went to a Jazz game. Talk about awesome. I have only been to one other Jazz game and that one was fun, but this one was intense. They won in overtime!
Sunday came way to quickly, but we decided we weren't going to rush going home. So we slept in, had a wonderful breakfast, and then went to visit Stetson's Dad, Carol, and grandparents for the rest of the day. As we were leaving, we announced we were expecting. It was great to see the reactions of Brad and Carol and Grandma and Grandpa Kunz.
We are truly blessed to have such wonderful people in our lives who love and support us. Seeing how excited everyone gets when we tell them our news, we get that much more excited ourselves.
It was a great weekend.We had a wonderful time and are looking forward to many more years together!

Here are a few pictures. I am sad we didn't take more, especially with us in time. 
Our little "bean"!

Our delicious, not so healthy breakfast
We had some nice seats. Closer then last time.

We had been talking about hitting up Krispy Kreme in Orem every time we pass by...we finally stopped.

Our cake top after one year! Thanks Nanette and Bud for storing it and also bringing it up.

It was pretty decent. The cake tasted good, but the icing was WAY to sweet for me.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Let's Go Fly a Kite

Lately we have felt the need to get out and do something, and since the weather has been fairly decent we decided to pick up some kites at wal-mart.
This was the second time I have ever flown a kite in my life. I know, many have told me I have lived a sheltered life. But that is the great thing about marrying into a family that is different from your own, you do different or experience different things that you've never done or experienced before.
It was such a simple activity, but so much fun!

Stetson's Shark

Running to keep it alive!
Both of our kites - Towards the end, Stetson hijacked my kite with his.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Stetson's Birthday!

My wonderful husband  turned the big 24 yesterday! We were able to celebrate with his siblings and their families with dinner and cake.

The ice cream cake we  made. It actually turned out!

At the end of the day
I hope you had a great day love! 

Monday, January 16, 2012

Jazz Game

This past weekend, we did a spur of the moment thing and bought tickets to the Jazz game on Saturday. We had talked about doing this for the past month and we finally got a chance. I had never been to a game like this before and Stetson had only been once, so we had to go! :) 
We had such a blast, and the cherry on top was that they WON!!!
We hope to go back sometime soon.
It was also nice, we got up there hours before the game and were able to visit with my parents and Stetsons Dad, stepmom, and grandparents. 

View from our seats. We were pretty lucky to get the sweet seats that we did.

We got semi-matching shirts, too bad you can't see them.

The half time show. It was crazy they were doing flips with skis, snowboard, and a hoola hoop. They were pretty good.
The Jazz beat the Nets!!! WOOT!

Stetson and his nice new hat!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

This past weekend, we had a Kunz family christmas party with Steton's Dad and Carol and grandparents. It was great to be able to get together and enjoy one another's company. We had a nice lunch followed by presents and then went and took family pictures. Everyone went home that night while Stetson and I stayed til Tuesday.
On Sunday we went to temple square to enjoy the lights. We had a fun little experiance while we were there:
On December 11, 2011 Breanne & I decided to go to Salt Lake City to look at the lights in
Temple Square
. When we arrived, we parked at a chapel behind the Conference Center and proceeded to walk to the temple grounds. As we walked, I kept getting an uneasy feeling about where we had parked.  When we got closer to the temple grounds, we noticed an empty parking lot that only cost $5 to use. So we returned to the car and moved it to the other parking lot.
As we approached the place where we were to pay for our parking, a woman asked if we had change for $10. Upon checking my wallet I only had 4 $1 bills. And Breanne only had 3 $1 bills. I told the woman we were sorry, but I felt we could do more to help them. I looked down at my 4 dollars, then looked at Breanne. Without saying a word, she gave me a nod of approval, and gave me the other dollar.
            We gave the $5 to the woman, she thanked us and we went on our way to enjoy the lights.  As the night went on we had a great time, and took lots of pictures. When I asked Breanne if she was ready to go, she said there was one last place we needed to go We then proceeded to the place where all the newly weds go to take a picture after their wedding to get a great view of the temple.
 As we arrived a lady was standing on the platform getting her pictures taken. As she stepped down she immediately asked if we would like her to take our picture. Not realizing who she was, we handed her our camera and she said, “It’s the least we could do, for what you did for us.”
To our surprise, it was the couple that we had helped in the parking lot. As we stood on the platform she told us that she used to be a professional photographer. But she was now mostly blind, but reassured us that she still knew how to position people for a great picture. She then placed us in some positions and her husband took the pictures. This ended up being the highlight of our night.
This was a simple, yet great experience and example of the Christmas spirit. We went out of our way to help someone, never thinking that that favor would come right back to us. We now have some great memories of that night, and of how a little charity can go a long way. I feel we got the better end of the blessings. We now have great memories to share, and great pictures to go with it.
At the end of this year, may we stop and do something to help someone in need. You never know when that deed is going to come back and bless your life.
On Monday we had tickets along with my parents to the Forgotten Carols. We have been so excited  as the date kept getting closer. We bought the book and cd a while ago and read it almost every night til we we went to the performance. We hope to make that a tradition in our family. Reading the book that is. But it was a great performance, a little different then what I am used to,  but still way good. And it is always fun to be with family and enjoy that experience together.
On Tuesday we woke up around 5 to go do a session at the Salt Lake Temple. We tried making it to the 7:00 am session, but was a little late so we were able to sit in the waiting room for a while. This was my first time experiencing a live session. Since we were there so early we were asked to be the witness couple. Haha My mom joked about the possibility, but I didn't take her seriously thinking it would be a big session with lots of people. Well it was a great time to be able to do that and experience a live session for the first time. That temple is sure beautiful with the pictures and architecture.
After the temple we did some shopping, went to lunch with Brad and Carol, and then headed home. It sure is hard to get back to the swing of things (and I don't even have kids yet) when we have such a wonderful time like that. But we made some wonderful memories, and can't wait to make more. We have such wonderful families and during this time of year I can't help but be that much more grateful for each of them and what they all do for me and Stetson.
We want to thank you and let you all know of our love for each of you! May you all have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!
I apologize, the pictures are not in order and I am too lazy to put  them in order. So enjoy :)

The 2nd pose the nice lady put us in.

The first pose she put us in

It was awesome to see manger scenes from different cultures. They had quite a few, but I didn't get pictures of them all.